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The personnel operating at various steps of production are trained at regular basis for maintaining the quality. The operators separate the different types of meals to different lots on basis of fish type, quality of raw fish and quality of fishmeal based on the color, odour and appearance. Lots thus segregated are noted with samples sent to our own well equipped laboratory to cater the further/daily analysis of the products from the company.
Raj Fishmeal and Oil Company have well trained quality control personnel working with various equipment like Kjeltec unit (for protein analysis), Soxtec unit (for fat estimation), Monocular microscope, Digital IR (Metler-Toledo) and Halogen type moisture analyzers. Muffle furnace, Oven, Incubator, Digital pH meter, Autoclave etc.
Despite the laboratory equipments the online quality personnel take stringent controls at each steps of the process. The company also has taken necessary arrangements for implementing ISO, HACCP, GMP+, IFFO-RS and other quality standards and is on the verge of action.


The surroundings in the company are fully concretised so as to take care of the seepage of fish water, ice water and cleaned waters entering into the ground water. The company has a well controlled effluent treatment plant approved by reputed institute. The deodorizing and the smoke towers are installed as per the pollution control board norms. These aspects have helped the company in making a reputation of keeping the premises and locality clean. The organic matter that is allowed to settle after the various steps in ETP is separated and dispatched as FISH MANURE to agricultural activities.

Hygiene & Cleaning Training